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Glitter Fixer Gel 10ml


Fantastic for making sure your designs stay put all day long. Apply the fixer gel as a base layer to any of our glitter shaker products and craft your style for extreme impact. Easy to apply, quick to dry and wash off.



What a masterpiece! The beautiful, iridescent and eye-catching glitter looks you create need a strong formula to ensure your artistry can be enjoyed for as long as possible. As with any make-up, glitter requires a strong base to fix the product in place and ensure the pigment is as striking as the moment it was first applied. Fortunately, our glitter fixer gel is the perfect primer to complement our vivid gel glitter products.

Wherever you want to display your unique artistry, our face and body glitter fixer gel will ensure that your glitter creations amaze all day! As with our other gels, our glitter fixer is easy to apply, meaning you can jump straight into creating the best looks possible. Even kids or friends with sensitive skin can use our glitter fixer gel as its non-irritating formula won’t leave any rashes and the ease in which the gel comes off prevents damaging the skin from excessive rubbing! The glitter fixer gel is the perfect solution for ensuring vivid colour creations last!

Our Values

Beyond our passion for unearthing individuality, we are committed to selling the finest products without ethical compromises. We only use the finest ingredients in our makeup to ensure every item is highly pigmented, produces a professional finish and is resilient against fading throughout the day. To attain these professional-grade standards, we use the best labs and work with incredible specialists who’re keen to create bold, vibrant and exciting makeup products.

Furthermore, all our labs are 100% cruelty free. Plus, the vast majority of our products are vegan-friendly too. Those which aren’t will not have our VF logo stamped on, therefore providing you with more control over the products you choose to use. Our moral standpoint doesn’t affect our fantastic formula either as our makeup is easy to apply and remove. Our water-based mixtures easily glide off the skin with some soap and water, meaning our makeup is gentle on the skin and leave it smelling fresh.

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