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With the Splashes & Spills makeup brush cleaner you no longer have to spend hours cleaning dirty makeup brushes that are caked in old makeup. 

Experts say we should take care of our brushes especially those we use regularly and recommend washing them every 7-10 days. This applies more to concealer and foundation brushes that we use more often.

Cleaning makeup brushes can take a lot of time especially for makeup artists (MUA) who can be left with hours worth of cleaning after a long day. This often leads to makeup brushes going un-clean way past the recommended time.

Leaving makeup brushes dirty can lead to a build-up of bacteria that can be passed onto the face which can clog pores and possibly lead to breakouts.

Dirty brushes that are caked in old makeup also don’t apply as smoothly which can be a waste of expensive makeup.

The Splashes & Spills makeup brush cleaner means you no longer have to spend hours cleaning dirty makeup brushes.

Our electric makeup brush cleaner is effective and easy to use. Following the simple steps outlined below your makeup brushes will be clean and dry in 30 seconds:

1. Select the correct collar size for your brush. With a choice of 8 different collars to choose from we have something for all size brushes (5mm to 30mm) from large fan brush, beauty blender and foundation brushes to thinner eyeshadow, eyeliner and concealer brushes. Our offer includes a collar stand which arranges all options according to size for ease of use. Once you have found the right size according to the thickness of your brush, press the brush into the collar and pull the attachment out of the stand.

2. Insert 2 x AAA batteries into the back of the hand-held machine and fix the attachment onto the top of the device.

3. Pour approximately 150ml of warm water into the bowl using less/more according to the amount of cleaning needed. After filling, insert the neck ring to the top of the bowl to stop any water from spilling out during cleaning.

4. To aid the cleaning process, squeeze a small amount of soap, shampoo or anti-bacterial hand wash into the water. Be careful not to apply too much soap as this can cause the water to froth and obstruct the cleaning process.

5. Switch the machine on to begin cleaning. You can either dunk the bristles into the water before washing or switch on and then submerge the brush. Take care not to submerge the part of the brush that holds the bristles as this can damage the brush. Do not press the brush so it is touching the base of the bowl as this will damage the bristles, instead swirl around the bowl in an anti-clockwise motion for 15 seconds.

6. To dry simply however the device above the water level for 5 seconds. People often forget that drying makeup brushes takes longer than washing. Our machine has 12,000-13,000 rotations per minute (RPM) which means it not only cleans but dries makeup brushes thoroughly without damaging the brush itself. The transition from wet to dry can damage the bristles and leave some out of place. In such as case, use a damp cloth to mould back into shape and leave to air dry.

7. Remove the neck ring from the bowl and empty all water content and leave flat to dry.

8. To maintain brush health and get more use for longer you can re-fill the bowl with clean water and add a hair conditioner to moisturize the bristles keeping them soft allowing for smoother makeup application and overall good skin health.

Our special offer includes the following:

  • Hand held makeup brush cleaner
  • 8 x makeup brush collars (ranging from 5mm – 30mm)
  • Collar stand
  • Cleaning bowl
  • 2 x AAA batteries






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